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Product Description High-speed dispersion homogenizer head unique structure, the use of high-speed motor driven by the motor, the rotational speed, resulting in a strong liquid shear and severe high-frequency mechanical effects, Promote the experimental fluid material in the huge centrifugal force, through the rotor and stator mutual shear, dispersion. The experimental material to withstand tens of thousands of times per minute cut, tear and Mixed, so as to achieve decentralized, homogeneous effect. Different specifications of the work head configuration, designed to meet different experimental needs. Technical Parameters Input powe510w Output power300w Speed range300-21000r/min Regulating speed waystepless speed Dimension230*300*530mm Configuration of working head蠁28銆佅?6 Applications Adapt to a wide range of industries Meet the needs of multiple industries Principle Features 1. Drive motor using high-density die-cast aluminum housing micro-motor, power, high speed, safe and reliable operation; 2. Operating state control using electronic stepless speed regulator, speed control; 3. Scattered homogeneous work head with high-quality stainless steel (contact material parts), good corrosion resistance; 4. work head connector and drive motor connection, disassembly and easy and flexible features.Lab Machine suppliers website:http://www.promixerpm.com/lab-machine/



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