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A new report shows an "absolutely clear" link between air pollution and hospital visits. When air pollution spikes, so do hospital and doctor visits. Of course, it seems pretty obvious 鈥?air pollution and our health are sure to be connected 鈥?but this study gives scientific proof to the link. Researchers said it should serve as a warning to politicians about the serious impacts of toxic air on public health. (After all, poor public health costs governments money! Prevention is always cheaper than cure). And, interestingly, even a small improvement in air quality levels would have a big impact on people's health. The report found the impact of air pollution was worst near heavy traffic, and also in the summer, when hot, calm days raised the levels of toxic air people were breathing. Air pollution leads to spikes in health problems and drives up hospital admissions and visits to the GP, according to a new study. The report proves an "absolutely clear" link between air pollution and hospital visits, and researchers said it should serve as a warning to politicians about the serious impacts of toxic air on public health. Chalmers said a relatively small improvement in air quality would have a big impact on people's health. "At a time when the NHS is under increasing strain, we should be looking at effective ways of preventing illness. Our data shows that a fairly modest reduction in air pollution (of 10 碌g/m鲁 of PM10) would have prevented nearly 1,000 hospital admissions and GP visits during the study period." He added that although the study was based in Tayside its results were relevant to all areas of the UK. "Our data suggests that a failure to tackle air pollution is having a major impact on the health of people with lung conditions and potentially the wider Tayside population 鈥?[but] there is every reason to believe these results would be replicated elsewhere." The study was a collaboration between the research team at the University of Dundee and environmental health experts from Belgium. The study was funded by the British Lung Foundation and is published in the European Respiratory Journal. It is an undeniable fact that the indoor air is more terrible than the outdoor. The figure of hospital visits shows that people suffered most from the airborne pollutants. Think about how much the monthly medical bill adds each time the public have to go to doctors and purchase those prescribed medication. This is not forgetting the suffering and life risk that the public have to go through each time they have an asthma lapse. Moreover, the breakout of virus inevitably aggravates the situation. Nothing is more important than addressing the issues that cause them. With the prospect of safeguarding people's health, EVERTREE company has spent years to do research and finally brought Air Disinfection Machine to the public. The combination of high-tech filter system and the powerful sterilization modules enables Air Disinfection Machine with the unparalleled functions of purification, sterilization and deodorization.Air Doctor website:


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