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Protective clothing is classified into healthy protective clothing by function, such as radiation protection clothing, cold clothing, thermal insulation clothing and antibacterial clothing, etc.; safety protective clothing, such as flame-retardant clothing, flame-retardant protective clothing, arc protective clothing, anti-static clothing, bulletproof clothing, etc. Suits, stab-resistant suits, space suits, diving suits, acid-proof suits and insect-proof suits, etc.; work clothes to keep the wearer hygienic, such as oil-proof suits, dust-proof suits and water-repellent suits. The structure of the protective clothing has the characteristics of anti-permeation function, good air permeability, high strength, and high hydrostatic pressure resistance. It should be mainly used in industrial, electronic, medical, chemical, and anti-bacterial environments. In addition to meeting the requirements of high-strength and high-abrasion wear, there are often differences due to different protective purposes and protective principles. From natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, lead, and synthetic materials such as rubber, plastic, resin, and synthetic fibers, To contemporary new functional materials and composite materials, such as: impact-resistant para-aramid and high-strength high-modulus polyethylene fiber products, oil-repellent fluorine compounds, radiation-resistant polyimide fibers, antistatic Agglomerated acrylic fiber complexed with copper fiber, antibacterial fiber and related deodorant finishing fabric. Parameters of protective clothing Product ModelGBM 009(PP) GMB010(PP+PE) GMB011(SMS) Product Size155,160,165,170,175,180,185,190. Main IngredientsPE/PP/PE+SMS Executive StandardGB38462-2020(CHN)ASTM F3352-19(USA)EN 14126 + EN 13795 (EU) Product DescriptionUsing non-woven fabric as the main raw material, made by tailoring and sewing. ApplicationIt is used for general isolation in outpatient clinics, wards, inspection rooms in medical institutions. Usage1.Prevent the product from damage; Use the product before expiration date. 2.Please choose the suitable size. Precautions1. Only for one time use. 2. Product is prohibited from use if damaged or exceeds expiration date. 3. After use, the product should not be discarded at will to prevent environmental pollution. 4.When putting on and taking off, clean the surface to avoid contamination. StorageKeep it in dry,clean and non-corrosive environment.Away from fire and flammable materials. FAQ Q: Can you do OEM and ODM? A: Yes, we an supply OEM and ODM service. We have an experienced R&D department to support you. Q: How to ensure your quality? A: We have strict quality management system. We will do incoming inspection on each batch of fabric. And after production before package, we will check every piece of our protective clothing to ensure all our products are in good quality when leaving our factory.Buy Medical Protective Clothing website:


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