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These attenuators are designed to precisely reduce the amplitude or power of a signal without distorting its waveforn. Their excellent return loss (low VSWR) makes them an ideal attenuator for head-end applications. Features: - DC-2610MHz bandwith performance - Low VSWR - Very flat frequency-respone - High attenuation tolerance - Available in 1,1.5,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,15,20 dB - Stainless steel or brass with bright alloy finish - "F" connectors(male to female) - Othe connector combinations available Specifications:Attenuator(ATT-10-15D) Frequency (MHz)10-770770-2610 Flatness(dB)10卤1.010.5卤1.0 VSWR(dB)Max1.51.8 RFI(dB)-120 Impedance75Ohm Wateproof Test(Min)10 PSI Operating Temperature-40 degrees C to +60 degrees C Corrosion ResistanceMeets SCTE/ANSI Specification Working granularity The operating amplitude of the attenuator means that the attenuator can be used to reach the index value within a given frequency range. Due to RF/microwave The attenuators of modern coaxial structures use a wide range of operating amplitudes and should be noted in design or use. Attenuation Regardless of the mechanism and specific structure of the power attenuation, the two-port network shown in the figure below can always be used to describe the attenuator. In the figure, the power at the signal input is P1, and the power at the output is P2, and the power attenuation at the attenuator is A (dB). If P1 and P2 are expressed in decibel milliwatts (dBm), the relationship between the powers at both ends is P2(dBm)= P1(dBm)- A(dB) It can be seen that the amount of attenuation describes how small the power is after the power passes through the attenuator. The amount of attenuation is determined by the materials and structures that make up the attenuator. The attenuation is measured in decibels, which is convenient for the calculation of the whole machine index.CAV Attenuator factory website:


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