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 鈼?nbsp;100% hand made. 鈼?nbsp;Features: natural, soft, light weight, stable curl, standard thickness, easy to apply. 鈼?nbsp;Type: easy fan lash extensions 鈼?nbsp;Thickness, 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.1, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20, 0.25, etc. 鈼?nbsp;Curl, J, B, C, D, D+, or customized. 鈼?nbsp;Length, 7-20 mm. Model Numbereasy fan-0.07-C-12 Typeeasy fan lash extensions MaterialKorea PBT fiber Thickness0.07 CurlC Length12 mm Colornatural black Packagingregular packaging or customized packaging Volume12 lines/box, or 16 lines/box, or as you need. 鈼?nbsp;Easy fan lash, also called blooming volume eyelash, special mega volume lashes. Special craft makes them become 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, 7d, etc. Self making fan just in one second. 鈼?nbsp;The lash extensions are made of Korean black PBT fiber, very soft and light. It鈥檚 the best choose for lash extensions. Easy to remove, grafting easily, no residue, stable curl, standard thickness. In order to make your brand more attractive, we provide quality and multi-style custom packaging service. Q: How often should I get touch-ups? A: We recommend getting a touch-up every 2 to 3 weeks. Your natural eyelashes fall off every 45-60 days due to the natural growth cycle, and are naturally replaced with the growth of new lashes. So touch-ups are needed to fill in the lashes that fallen. Q: Can I use eyelash curlers with eyelash extensions? A: We do not recommend mechanical eyelash curlers. As it may damage the extensions and even your own natural lashes. The extensions have a curl, but if more of a curl is required, we recommend using a heated eyelash curler. Q: How Many days we could receive the product? A: Stock, within 2 days; Custom orders, 7-15 days. Q: Do you provide samples? A: Yes, you鈥檙e welcome to contact us for free samples.China Lash Extensions website:


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