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Advantages 1. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, more beautiful and firm 2. High stability 3. Full automatic double ear loop spot welding machine, which can save labor. The machine running automatically when feeding the masks by mnaual. Technical Parameters ModelZX-KN95A2 Production speed20-30 pcs/min Power source220V/60hz Overall dimension2600*1050*1530mm (L*W*H) Ear loop width4.0mm Ear loop length18cm Power3.5KW Weight500Kg Configuration list of ear-loop spot welding: Ultrasonic welding is used to fuse the elastic belt into the side of the mask body, which is the last processing procedure of the ear-loop mask production. Only one operator is required to place the pieces of mask body in the mask plate, and the subsequent actions to the completion of the finished product are automatically completed by the equipment. The machine is driven by servo drive and step drive, with precise transmission and adjustable speed. Double side mask ear loop welding 1Moton control1. PLC (China XINJIE) 2. Touch screen (China XINJIE) 1. PLC controller 2. Touch screen man-machine interface 3. Buttons 2Motion drive1. Stepping motor (Chian brand) 2. Induct moto (China brand) 3. Pneumatics (China brand) 1. Feeding ealstic era loop by motor 2. Pheaumatic (need dry and clean compressoed air) 3Masks feedingChain with mask hold plate (putting masks by manual) 1. Holding plate, by feeding maks manually 4Double side ealstic strings feeding90W induct motor with feeding device (China brand) 1. Feeding the elastic ear loops by inductor motor 2. Auto running after the ear loop threading 5Double ear loop weldingTwo sets ultrasonics (1500W and 20KHz, two horn and generator box) (China brand) 1. 1500W, 110MM horn journey and 20KHz ultrasonic 2. Sealing is firm and good looking 6Double ear loop welding motion drive1. Ealstic ear loop feeding motor (China brand) 2. Left and right rotary motor (China brand) 3. Left and right nose clip press cylinder (China brand) 4. Left and right ultrasonic horn pushing cylinder (China brand) 5. Right and left elastic loop double stamp cylinder (China brand) 6. Right and left scissor (including cyliner) (China brand) 7. Right and left scissor pushing cyliner (China brand) 8. Right and left air finger cylinders (China brand) 9. Earloop welding mould pushing cylinder (China brand) 10. Mask hold plate (22pcs) 11. Mask hold plate driving motor (China brand stepping motor) 1. Ear loop feeding by induct motor 2. Need connect with dry and clean compressed air 3. Multiple cylinders 4. Rotation by motors 8Electricity box1. PLC (China XINJIE) 2. Stepping motor drive (China brand) 3. Rotary motor driver (China brand) 4. Relay (Schneider) 5. Circuit breaker (China DELIXI) 6. 24V power board (China brand) 7. Amplification board (China brand) 1. PLC (China XINJIE) 2. Stepping motor drive (China brand) 3. Rotary motor driver (China brand) 4. Relay (Schneider) 5. Circuit breaker (China DELIXI) 6. 24V power board (China brand) 7. Amplification board (china brand) Spare Parts and Tools DiscpriptionPhotosQuantity 1405-5MMotor belt 2 2 Electricity box cooling fan 2 3 Sensor for cylinder 2 4 Sensor for rotary motor 2 5 Hall switch 2 6 Relay 2 7 Spring 4 8 Solvenoid valve 1 9 Tool box 1China N95 / KN95 Mask Making Machine website:


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