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鈼?OUR COMPANY INFORMATION Located in the beautiful industrial city鈥擶uxi, Wuxi Gongyuan Group, as a professional developer and manufacturer of water treatment equipment, is a provincial private scientific and technological enterprise who has contracted an alliance with CAS, Jiangnan University and Changzhou University. Consisted of three subsidiary corporations鈥擶uxi Gongyuan Environmental Technology Stock Co., Ltd, Wuxi Gongyuan Environmental Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd and Wuxi Gongyuan Automation Co., Ltd. Gongyuan Group insists on the concept of "industry professionals work to source-oriented", focusing on improving water environment, enhancing automation level and providing cost-effective technical equipment and services. GYE Group --Pioneer and creator of Chinese Environmental Protection Craftsman, is good at DAF purification and micro bubbles technology's preparation and application. We have got nearly 200 relevant patents. 'GONG YUAN' Brand DAF system and micro bubble generator have been successfully applied in both domestic and oversea project sites. Our products have been exported to over 20 countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, etc. We are looking forward that our high-qualified rich products and professional service will make greater contribution to you on the improvement of water environment. 鈼?OUR FACTORY INFORMATION More than 10,000m虏 high-standard heavy industry production plant, modern office facilities, experienced air float R&D manufacturing service team and complete department structure norms. We have acquired the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification with the product technical standards being officially filed through the national enterprise standards, and have acquired the GB/T29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification as well, which can ensure product quality and technical service quality. 鈼?OUR WORKSHOP 鈼?OUR PRODUCTS 鈼?OUR SERVICE GYE Provide Perfect Service 鈥?Simple for you, difficult for us.Custom Mechanical Bar Screen website:http://www.gydaf.com/

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