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 Our History Zhejiang shuangjian hotel supplies Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hotel supplies and plastic products for 20 years. At present, we provide high-end dining facilities for all kinds of high-end hotels and restaurants, and the high-end tableware supplier for Shanghai world expo 2010. Today, our company has been one of the top producers of quality hotel parts and plastic products, such as: bento box, skid plate, sushi plate, compartment glass rack and a series of products. Our Factory Zhejiang shuangjian hotel supplies Co., Ltd. is located in the ZheJiang Provice, China. As a global supplier in the bento box, skid plate, sushi plate, compartment glass rack and other plastic products. Zhejiang shuangjian has a fully modern production line and creates added value for customers around the world. Our Product Zhejiang shuangjian hotel supplies Co., Ltd. Products includes the following: 1. bento box 2. Tray 3. Fruit plate 4. Sushi plate 5. meat dish 6. Chopsticks box 7. cleaning cart 8. service dining car 9. compartment glass rack 10. Trash can 11. Glass oil bottle 12. children's dinner chair We supply plastic products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide. Product Application Our company's plastic products are widely used in the following industry: 1. Hotel and hotel room 2. Restaurant 3. Kitchen 4. Bar 5. Beverage shop Production Equipment We are capable of plastics mold, and plastic products manufacturing. We have dozens of Injection molding machine and Hair planting machine. Production Market As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching the Philippines, Japan, French, The Middle East and ect. Customized Plastic Rectangular Or Round Non Slip Trays website:


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