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Introduction to Weishan Hengxin Food Co.,Ltd. Weishan Hengxin Food Co.,Ltd., which was founded in May 2007, originated from Weishan Chengxin Dehydration Plant, founded in February 1997. The company is located in the town of Liangcheng, which belongs to Jining (the capital of garlics in China), Shandong Province. Liangcheng is a beautiful town at the side of Weishan Lake and it is also famous for its Confucius culture. The company is a large-scale deep processing enterprise, integrating harvesting, refrigerating storage, deep processing and export of agricultural and sideline products. Weishan Hengxin Food Co., Ltd. has a total investment of more than 80 million RMB and covers an area of 20,000 square meters. More than 200 employees have been employed and the company drives more than 20,000 households in the region to grow economic crops such as vegetables and garlics, which creates considerable social benefits. The company has two large refrigeration houses, with an annual storage capacity of more than 2,000 tons; two new environmentally friendly dehydrated vegetable production lines, with an annual output of more than 20,000 tons; two new garlic granule and garlic powder production lines, with an annual output of more than 14,000 tons. The company has fully automated production lines and advanced equipment. The company's main products are dehydrated garlic slice, garlic powder, garlic granule, dehydrated onion, dehydrated pepper (dehydrated jalapeno) and other dehydrated vegetables and compound seasonings, fresh vegetables and fresh seasonings, etc., which are sold well in both domestic and foreign markets. The products are mainly exported to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East and other countries in Asia. Weishan Hengxin Food Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principle of talent-orientation and honesty in the development of more than 20 years. We use high-quality raw materials to make assured food, and serve customers with the sincerest attitude. We are willing to establish relationships with friends from all walks of life for mutual benefits and win-win cooperation.Dehydrated Coriander Leaf website:http://www.hengxinfoods.com/


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