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Bottle Filling Equipment 1. Accurate measurement: servo system is adopted to ensure that the piston can always reach a constant position. 2, variable speed filling: in the process of filling, when close to the target filling capacity can be used to achieve slow speed filling with variable speed, to prevent liquid overflow caused by pollution. 3. Easy adjustment: to change the filling specifications, only change the parameters in the touch screen, and the first change of all filling is in place.The fine-tuning dose is simply adjusted on the touch screen. 1. Equipment Parameter: 1) Power supply: 220V/50Hz 2) Power consumption: 200W 3) Air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa 4) Filling precision: 卤1% 5) Filling range: 桅40-100 h 80-240 6) Filling speed: 1500-1800bottles/h 7) Filling material: Jam and honey (if is not other kinds of products, we will change the pipe and filling nozzle) 2. Features: 1) The world-famous electrical and pneumatic components are adopted, so the machine will be stable and reliable and could be used with a low failure rate and long service life. 2) The part of machine which touches food are mainly made by the high-quality stainless steel, which makes dismantling, assembling and cleaning more convenient. What鈥檚 more, it is in full compliance with food hygiene requirements. 3) It is adaptable. Without changing elements, bottles of different shapes and sizes can be adjusted and replaced quickly. 4) Filling mouth with anti-drip device ensures that there is no drawing, no drip during filling. 5) Adjustment of filling volume and filling speed is simple. There is no filling when the bottle doesn鈥檛 exist. Liquid level controls filling automatically. It has a nice appearance.Filling Machines manufacturers website:http://www.cosmeindustry.com/packaging-machines/filling-machines/

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