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Three-dimensional vibrating table for pouring USE: This machine is mainly used for the sanding of sand in resin sand molding, and it can also be used for the tapping of other self-hardening sand sand. It is an ideal equipment for sand processing in the foundry industry. Characteristics: 1. The device is compact in structure, easy to operate, and has a wide range of applications. 2. The excitation device is supported by a gas spring. When working, the excitation force is large and stable, and the excitation force can be adjusted according to the process. 3. The machine power system is matched with the sand mixer and uses an editable program controller (PLC) for easy operation and maintenance. The main technical parameters: ModelTable sizeExcitation pointExciting force (kn)power (kw)weight (kg) ZP-4800×8004201.6450 ZP-6-Ⅰ1000×10006302.4600 ZP-6-Ⅱ1200×12006302.4860 ZP-8-Ⅰ1600×12008403.21000 ZP-8-Ⅱ1600×14008403.21250 ZP-10-Ⅰ2000×160010504.01600 ZP-10-Ⅱ2000×180010606.02000 ZP-12-Ⅰ3000×200012807.53100 ZP-12-Ⅱ4000×300012807.54600Lost Foam Casting Machine price website:http://www.nuoxin-machine.com/lost-foam-casting-machine/

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