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Product Characteristics锛?/strong> Speed-modulation, Energy-saving, High torque, fully protection and Full-protection 1.No- sense vector and V/F switching freely 2.Built-in PTD control for constant pressure, constant current and constant temperature function 3.Multi-parameter combination control driven-equipment Parameter & Functions锛?/strong> 1.Input voltage: Single-phase 220V, Three-phase 220V & 400V 2.Input frequency: 50-60Hz 3.0-400Hz 4.Output frequency: 0~400Hz 5.Power range: 0.75-400KW Application: Electric drives and automatic control, incl. water-supply system, eco-friendly fan, transmission belts ,plastics machinery, packing and paper-making etc. Inverter installation Due to the high integration and compact structure of the current inverter, the heat dissipation is large. Therefore, the requirements for the installation environment temperature, humidity and dust content are high. Must provide a good operating environment. The rest is parameter setting. Due to the large number of inverter parameters, the name of each manufacturer is different. Therefore, when setting parameters, be sure to read the manual of this type of inverter and set it according to the manual. It cannot be set by experience. Our certificatelow price Variable-Frequency Drive website:http://www.zhengyan-electric.com/variable-frequency-drive/



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