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Brief introduction:
Place of origin: Zhejiang China
Brand name: LD MOULD
Product Material: PET
Shaping Model: Injection
Cavity: 4/6/8/12cavity
Design: 3D or 2D
Runner type: Hot runner
Mould material: 2316/S136 /632 etc
Mould shots: 2million shots
Sample time: 45 days
Payment terms: TT/LC
More products pictures:
Our company strength:
In recent years, Leader's mold research and development has made breakthroughs, completing 18 scientific and technological achievements transformation, obtaining 23 utility model patents and 2 invention patents. The company has always adhered to: customer first, integrity and pragmatic, excellence, and always forward business philosophy, to survive by quality, technology and development to serve the majority of users. In addition to meeting the domestic market, the products are also exported to Australia, Russia, India, Thailand and other countries.
The company's scientific research work and scientific and technological innovation ability always stand at the forefront of the injection mold development industry.
Other requirements for preforms:
Pressure bottles should meet the requirements of stress test and pressure test. The stress test is an internal quality control to prevent cracking and leakage of the molecular chain during the contact between the bottom of the PET bottle and the lubricant (alkaline) during the filling of the PET bottle; the pressure test is to prevent the bottle from being filled. Quality control after bursting into a certain pressure gas. In order to meet these two needs, the thickness of the center point should be controlled within a certain range. Generally, the center point is thin, the stress test is better, and the withstand voltage is poor; the center point is thick, the withstand voltage test is good, and the stress test is poor. Of course, the results of the stress test are also closely related to the accumulation of material in the transition zone around the center point, which is adjusted according to actual experience.
Our Advantage:
1.The company has advanced technology and strong strength.
2.Latest mold structure
3.The thimble adopts SKD61 imported from Japan.
4.Can provide matching blowing mould
More products we made:
Packaging detial:
Where our Company on map?
Q1: Can your company supply PET bottles?
A1: If the mold is made in our company, it can be provided.
Q2: Can I use a mold to produce 2 grams of preforms?
A2: It is ok to have a small difference in weight, but an additional core and core plate is required.
Q3: Is the tail free shear锛?/p>
A3: Yes锛宯o need be sheared
Q4: Does u short tail mould are self-locked 锛?/p>
A4: Yes锛孊oth core and cavity are self-lcoked
Q5: What are the advantages of self-locking molds?
A5: Each cavity is independent and does not affect each other; the product is not easy to eccentric; the die life is long.Pet-preform Mould price

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