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Introduction: A three-dimensional motion mixer is an efficient mixing machine for various powders and granules of many different components. The machine consists of a frame, a reducer, a motor, a transmission system, a multi-directional motion actuator, a material vessel and an electrical control system. A driving shaft and a driven shaft parallel to the driving shaft are mounted on the same horizontal plane of the frame. The driving shaft is connected with the transmission mechanism. The outer ends of the driving shaft and the driven shaft are respectively connected to a U-shaped swivel arm through a universal joint, and both ends of each U-shaped swivel arm are connected to one end of the barrel through a bearing respectively. When the main shaft rotates, the vessel performs multi-directional three-dimensional operation under the comprehensive actions of the transmission mechanism. Applications: 鈼?It is applicable for processing of powders or granules in the following industries: pharmacy, chemical, food, light industry, electronics, machinery, mining, metallurgy, national defense industry, scientific research, etc. Features: 鈼?Loading factor of the cylinder is up to 80%. 鈼?The materials in the mixing vessel multi-directionally and three-dimensionally move along with the barrel. 鈼?The materials flow and diffuse rapidly during the mixing process. 鈼?The materials are free from centrifugal force during mixing. 鈼?The interior and exterior of the barrel are finely polished to prevent the material from sticking to the vessel. 鈼?The product outlet is set off-center to ensure thorough discharge. 鈼?Meet GMP mandates Advantages: 鈼?Perfect mixing efficiency. 鈼?Mixing rate of the products is as high as 99.9% or more. There is no dead area in the mixing tank. 鈼?The products are free from segregation, layering and accumulation due to the differences in density among all components in the materials. 鈼?It is suitable for a wide range of applications. It allows large differences in density among all components in the materials. 鈼?There is very little material residue in the barrel and very few loss take place in the processing procedure. 鈼?The mixer is easy to clean and can be finished manually. If necessary, the tank can be directly washed with a water gun. Benefits for you: 鈼?The multi-purpose mixer can reduce the investments in equipment and plant. 鈼?Reduce energy consumption, and therefore reduce production costs. 鈼?Significantly reduce equipment maintenance costs. Technical data: ModelTotal volume (L)Max. working volume锛圠锛?/p>Max. load (KG)Main shaft speed (rpm)Motor power (KW)Outline dimension锛坢m锛?/p>N.W. 锛圞G锛?/p> LWH TD-110.80.515-300.1250060060050 TD-5542.415-300.2560010001000150 TD-1515127.515-300.3770010001000200 TD-505040250-81.1100014001200200 TD-10010080500-81.5120017001500500 TD-2002001601000-82.2140018001600800 TD-4004003202000-841800210019501200 TD-6006004803000-85.51900210022501500 TD-8008006404000-87.52200240023002000 TD-100010008006000-87.52250260026002500 Powder Granule Mixer factory website:


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