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 Drive-in racking systems are exceptionally suited to large stocks of relatively few product types. Use this high density system to reduce overall square footage requirements by 30% or more, compared to a standard pallet rack configuration. Drive-in racking features 1.LIFO (last in, first out) or FIFO (first in, first out) load methods. 2.Deep lane storage reduces space usage, reduce costs and holds more loads. 3.High volumes, few SKUs. 4.Multiple access aisles eliminated ,more loads. 5.Extra control over inputs and outputs. 6.More storage density instead of the direct access of Pallet Rack and other. Drive-in racking main details description 1.Fully plugged and assembled structure, the column is assembled structure, the corbel is a one-time stamping cross-type corbel, high strength, good rigidity and beautiful appearance. 2.Bolted connection between the top beam and the column. 3.Bearing capacity: single palletized cargo should not be too large or too heavy, usually the weight is controlled within 1500KG, and the pallet span should not be greater than 1.5m. 4.The structure and function of the rack is conducive to the mechanization and automatic management of the warehouse. 5.Enclosed with railings, these work platforms create a secure space for storage and picking tasks. Spare parts on the warehouse drive in racking Some details of the drive-in rack installation Drive in rack customer casewarehouse Drive In Rack website:http://www.super-racking.com/drive-in-rack/


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