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Vinyl gloves are derived from polyvinyl chloride monomer. Because chemists use only one monomer to make polyvinyl chloride, this material is called a polymer. Once they polymerize with the substance, the chemist will add a chemical substance called a plasticizer to the polyvinyl chloride. Plasticizers make the material easy to bend, and the production of polyvinyl chloride is inexpensive, which makes it a cost-effective alternative to latex (material) and can be used where gloves are frequently changed. Details TypePowder free Disposable vinyl gloves MaterialMade from high quality PVC materials Application of vinyl gloveCleanroom, wokshop for electronic processing Colors of vinyl gloveClear, blue, yellow, orange, green, red, black Length of vinyl glove245卤5mm SizeS, M, L, XL Weight of vinyl gloveS 4.2g卤0.2g, M 4.5 卤 0.2g, L 4.8卤0.2g, XL 5.1卤0.2g Production process of powder free Disposable vinyl gloves 鈼?The manufacturing equipment first starts the ceramic hand mold in the water, bleaches the hand mold, and cleans the hand mold. Then remove the residue left by the last round of cleaning the hand mold. After the hand mold is dry, remove all water. Subsequently, they are immersed in a mixture of calcium carbonate and calcium nitrate that helps the synthetic material to solidify in the hand mold. After that, the hand mold will dry again. 鈼?The equipment immerses the hand mold in a water tank filled with butadiene rubber and polyvinyl chloride. When the glove is dry, the next step is to heat the material to a high temperature to shape the glove. 鈼?In order to facilitate wearing, gloves go through a process: chlorination or polymer coating. Chlorination refers to immersing the gloves in chlorine mixed with acid or chlorine gas to make the material stronger and smoother. The polymer coating is made smooth by adding a layer of polymer to the surface of the glove. 鈼?Finally, it is the so-called detachment. The gloves must be removed from the hand mold. This is called detachment.Industrial Disposable Vinyl Gloves price website:http://www.yx-vinylglove.com/disposable-vinyl-gloves/industrial-disposable-vinyl-gloves/



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