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After melting through the electric arc furnace, blowing and then instantaneously cooling in air, the alumina bubble will have the characteristics of light weight, closed hole and high temperature resistance. is used in the production of lightweight insulating refractories where low thermal conductivity, and high temperature properties are the prime requirements. Alumina Bubble is also used effectively for loose-fill refractories, low density, high insulation refractory castable, or concrete, or to produce ceramic bodies useful in a range of applications with temperatures up to 1800°C. Applications: a.) lightweight insulating refractories,. loose-fill refractories, low density, high insulation refractory castable IndexGuarantee ValueTypical Value Chemical Composition (%)Al2O399%min99.50% SiO20.2%max0.15% Fe2O30.10%max0.07% Na2O0.40%max0.29% Bulk Density(g/cm3)0.5—1.00.75 Crushed Ratio (%)10max8 Refractoriness(℃)1800 DimensionΦ5-0.2; 3-2; 2-0.2mm; 100-500 mesh; 0-0.5mm etc. Packing: 1000kg big bags Big bag on palletsAlumina Bubble manufacturers website:


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