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Hunan Yuhua Technology Group Co., Ltd. ("Yuhua Group") was founded in April 2002, is a high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province, located in Hengyang Zhuhui District Jinjialing. The main products are sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), ammonium chloride, industrial salt, ammonium bicarbonate and other products. After more than 18 years of development, it has become a subsidiary company with more than 1,000 employees and an annual output of 300,000 tons of baking soda. It has become the leading production enterprise in China and the first production enterprise in Asia. Sodium Bicarbonate Yuhua Group mainly uses the abundant rock salt resources in Hengyang to produce sodium bicarbonate by the double decomposition process of brine and ammonium carbonate. Yuhua "Snow Flower" brand baking soda products are widely used in chemical industry, washing, food, aquaculture, medicine, textile, environmental protection and other industrial sectors as well as people's daily life in various fields. Mainly exported to southern part of China, Eastern China, northern China and other markets; overseas mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Midddle East , the United States and the European Union more than 100 countries and regions. The export volume of baking soda accounts for more than 50% of the group鈥檚 total output. From 2016 to 2020, it goes to the top five of the total volume of export earnings is ranked in the city. Product Advantages Our company originated feed special-grade sodium bicarbonate which has gained professional recognition within the whole feed industry and become the first brand of application sodium bicarbonate in feed industry; Secondly, we has launched a kind of 60-100mesh purpose sodium bicarbonate, which broken through the 80-150mesh purpose imitation of traditional sodium bicarbonate in dye industry, and thereby solving the problems of slow response in low temperature and color change extension in dye industry. Consequently, our company became the preferred supplier of sodium bicarbonate of active dyes manufacturers; Thirdly, to meet the daily chemical industry鈥檚 requirement of particle degree, our company launched 20-60mesh purpose larger particles sodium bicarbonate which become first choice of national non-phosphide detergent manufacturers; Finally, to cooperate with the requirement of superfine sodium bicarbonate within the fire industry, we had manufactured more than 200mesh sodium bicarbonate in order to reduce reprocessing cost of re-fighting equipment. Accordingly, our corporation has become the major suppliers of BC dry powder extinguisher manufacturing factories. Our CertificateBuy Baking Soda Food Colorants website:

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