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 Module Resolution32*16dots Module size320*160mm Pixel pitch10mm Pixel density10000 Lamp bead3535 Average consumption400w/sqm Max power consumption800w/sqm Best view distance10-300m Best view angle160` Brightness>6000cd/m2 Scanning1/4 Easy to install and reinstall. There is no hot problem and light to move,because of Aluminium material. WIth the wooden package, you can move the screen often and you can change the shape of the LED display freely High-end audience, obvious marketing value In recent years, outdoor LED media operators have emerged, but at the same time we have seen that the level of outdoor LED display media operators is uneven, and in order to maintain the daily operation of the media, regardless of the quality and content of the ads, it has a negative impact on the media image; In order to further realize the differentiation of the media and the healthy development of the industry, it is essential to establish a good brand image of the media and focus on long-term sustainable development and continuous innovation. The experts also confirmed this view through continuous visits: continuous innovation and improvement. Media quality is very important. Some outdoor media have introduced new technologies such as human screen interaction and QR code scanning to attract consumers to participate in the process of brand communication, thereby enhancing the integration value of media advertising.buy Indoor Led Screen website:http://www.laiputech.com/indoor-led-screen/

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