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Product introduction: It select 53×59 six-party main rod, it has good rigidity, and has large torque. Product parameters: Drilling depthm100250300600 Drilling DImm30020015075 Open hole DImm300 End hole DImm75 Drilling rodmmΦ60 Drilling angle 90°-65° Rotary Spindle Spindle forward speedr/min30-1050 Spindle reverse speedr/min29-137 Spindle strokemm560 Spindle inner diametermm96 Spindle lifting capacityKN60 Main Winch ( drive hydraulic system) Single line lifting speedm/min0-45 Hug floodgate belt widthmm90 Tightrope diametermm14 Hoist single line lifting capacityKN40 Roller diametermm200 Roller cubic measurem30 Minor Winch ( drive hydraulic system) Roller diametermm140 Wire rope diametermm6 Capacity rollerm450 Mud pump Horizontal Triplex BW-250 mud pump DisplacementL/min250 Work pressureMpa7 Water inlet calibermm75 Water to exit calibermm50 Gear Oil pump Duplex gear oil pump CBF-F63/25 Front displacement、pressure63mL/r 20Mpa Behind displacement、pressure25mL/r 20Mpa Drilling rig Power Diesel engineHpR4105ZD 76HP Electric motorKWY180L-4 22KW Crawler chassis moving speed2Km/H motor work pressure20Mpa Displacement1634ml/rev chassis loading3T crawler chassis length2.6m motor oil displacement50L/min crawler chassis width0.35m Max high crawler0.508m Features: 1、BZXY-3L Crawler drilling rig is Multi-function hydraulic spindle rotary drilling rig 2、The chassis adopts steel crawler, the drive systm and winch,mud pump ect are on the chassis, reasonal compact, easy to operate. 3、with BW-250mud pump,high pressure,large displacement. 4、The rig has movable device, can realize the basic machine move front and back, convinient to operating at the mouth of well. 5、The tower is hydraulic controllwed and can autostretch, safety to operate. Adaptation: Geological prospecting and exploration, basic exploration for roads and high-rise buildings, and several inspection hole concrete structure, dams, roadbed grouting hole drilling and grouting directly, water well and geothermal central air conditioning. Drilling system 1. Power system, equipment that provides energy for a complete set of rigs; 2. Working system, equipment that works according to the requirements of the process; 3. Transmission system, equipment for transmitting, conveying and distributing energy to the working unit; 4. Control system, control each system and equipment, coordinate and accurately work according to the requirements of the process; 5. Auxiliary system, equipment that assists the main system to work. Main functions of drilling: 1. Obtain underground physical data and obtain core, cuttings, oil, water, natural gas, etc. from the bottom of the well. 2. As a geophysical logging channel, obtain data on various geophysical fields of the rock formation, such as underground military fire tests. 3. As an artificial channel, observe the mineral, hydrological and geological structures in the stratum. 4. Comprehensive application, comprehensive exploration and acquisition, and the use of underground resources.China Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig suppliers website:http://www.cndrillingrig.net/drilling-rig/crawler-water-well-drilling-rig/


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