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Product Description K1 bio filter media is a new activated bioligical carrier, which adopts the scientific formula and integrate various microelements favorable for microorganisms' apposition growtteria live outside, so that each carrier can be a micro reactor, it makes the reaction of nitrification and denitrification coexist. Our k1 bio filter media is made of new material HPDE(Density is 0.95g/cm3), guarantees the safety of the products from the source, each batch of products are strictly tested, ensuring all customers can get qualified products. And our MBBR has good hydrophilicity which is suitable for the growth of microorganisms. Product Parameter Raw Meterial & Biofilm Culturing Materia:100%Virgin HDPE (Import), 20% shorter membrane-forming time than others. Main Features 1.Geometric configuration based on hydrodynamics to strengthen the surface adhesive ability. it is polymer material, having high shock resistance. 2.Large specific surface aera, many adhesive biologia. It not only provides the room for heterotrophic bacteria growing but also create the condition for autotrophic bacteria growing. Meanwhile, it is beneficial for the biologia to denitrification and dephosphorization. 3.No need of bracket, easy to fluidify, save energy consumption.The suitable specific weight makes the filler in suspended fluidization state, reducing the eneray consumption and increasing the shock and cutting of bubbles. In the same condition, the aeration amount can be lowered by above 10%. Application Field 1.All types of industrial and domestic wastewater. 2.Both organic as nitrogen removal. 3.New plants or system upgrades. 4.Limited footprint. Project Reference Packaging & ShipppingChina MBBR Media website:

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