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plastic film cutting machine 1. Application: The plastic film cutting machine usually used for creasing and cutting for gift, electric packaging, plastic box, plastic flim. 2. Feature: 1. Specially with heating board to make plastic film creasing to fold and die cutting. 2. Adopt high intensity lead frame and heavy building. 3. With long stroke for high cutting die and thick materials. 4. High safety performance with infrared rays avoids hurts when operators tired. 5. With function of slowing down when cutting head touching the cutting die confirms cutting precision. 6. Special four pillar stop structure prevents machine breaking the cutting die when out of control. 7. High efficiency of hydraulic system to low cost of electric power energ. 3. Product parameter: Model.No~Cutting ForceDimensionCutting AreaMotor PowerStrokeNet Weight HG-BS30T/48"30 Tons1950×1370×1260mm610×1220mm2.2kw50-160mm2000kg HG-BS40T/48"40 Tons1950×1370×1260mm610×1220mm4kw50-160mm2500kg HG-BS50T/48"50 Tons1950×1370×1260mm610×1220mm4kw50-240mm3500kg HG-BS60T/48"60 Tons1950×1370×1260mm610×1220mm5.5kw50-240mm4000kg 4. Product picture:Hydraulic Cutting Machine price website:http://www.hgcuttingpress.com/cutting-machine/hydraulic-cutting-machine/


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