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CM Mating Disruption Dispenser 180 Days DETAIL: This mating disruption dispenser is for Grapholita molesta, the Oriental fruit moth. Manufactured with high quality insect sex pheromone, the dispensers contain synthetic pheromone that is chemically identical to the natural pheromone of female Grapholita molesta, the pheromone is then released to the field in a controlled method. Application of the dispensers results in the disruption of the mating process of Grapholita molesta, which is capable of decreasing target damaging insect densities. SPECIFICATIONS: Application rate: 500-700 dispensers per hectare. Field life coverage: 180-200 days (Optimum conditions). FIELD LIFE AND SHELF LIFE: FIELD PICTURE: Pherobio Technology has been committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality CM mating disruption dispenser 180 days for years, which is well-known as one of the largest professional manufacturers and suppliers. Our insect pheromone product comes in low price, easy operation and excellent performance. Now, take action to check the pricelist with us and try our customized service.Mating Disruption Dispsenser suppliers website:


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