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Rib lath has ingeniously incorporated V-shape reinforcement ribs, to enhance bonding to the adjacent wall, resulting in a better shear strength in comparison to a conventional joint. 3/8鈥?High Rib Lath is intended for horizontal applications with its seven longitudinal ribs, each 3/8 inch deep and eight small flat ribs to provide superior strength and exceptional rigidity. The herringbone mesh pattern provides excellent bonding of the stucco to the lath for installations. The 1/8鈥?flat ribs at the outer edge of the sheet allows for a smooth overlap reducing plaster cracks at the laps. ModelNameTypeSheet sizePCS/BDLPCS/PLT RB2.751/8" rib lath2.75lbs27" x 96"10500 RB3.4-11/8" rib lath3.4lbs27" x 96"10500 RB3.4-33/8" rib lath3.4lbs27" x 96"10500 RB4.03/8" rib lath4.0lbs27" x 96"10500 Hi-Rib Lath with widths of two opening holes being 1' 7 Rib 8 Opening Thickness(mm)Rib Distance(mm)Weight (KG)Width X length(mm) 0.301001.79610 X 2440 0.351002.09610 X 2440 0.401002.38610 X 2440 0.451002.68610 X 2440 0.51002.98610 X 2440 5 Rib 8 Opening Thickness(mm)Rib Distance(mm)Weight (KG)Width X length(mm) 0.301501.31610 X 2440 0.351501.53610 X 2440 0.401501.75610 X 2440 0.451501.96610 X 2440 0.51502.17610 X 2440 9 Rib 4 Opening Thickness(mm)Rib Distance(mm)Weight (KG)Width X length(mm) 0.30751.89610 X 2440 0.35752.28610 X 2440 0.40752.53610 X 2440 0.45752.84610 X 2440 0.5753.15610 X 2440 Applications High rib lath has excellent engineering quality and construction security. It is widely used in construction reinforcement of tunnels bridges, valve basement systems, sewage systems, subways, retaining walls, nuclear power plants, shipyards, water pools and marine engineering works and high rise building projects and non-regular or bending pattern as concrete permanent assembly-free . Installation: Rib lath is ideal for refurbishing damaged or aged masonry walls, when a key for rendering is not certain due to disintegration or softening of the wall face. Lath should be fixed with apexes of ribs against the wall, edge ribs of sheets nesting into each other should be wire-tied every 15cm and ends of sheets should be lapped not less than 2.5cm and nesting ribs securely tied together. Stainless steel fixings should be used at sufficient intervals to hold the lath firmly in position. Install Rib Lath with U stapleInstall rib lath with ropeInstall rib Lath with nail. Function 1.Construction formwork mesh has very good engineering quality and construction security; 2.Construction formwork mesh as the concrete permanent assembly,free sheet is much convenient for engineering design and processing; 3.Construction formwork mesh is widely used in tunnels,bridges and so on to make the process of construction much more fast and stable. 4.Because it's the U patterns, the formwork has more capability form stress. Rib Lath website:


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