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Product Description Air compressor is a volumetric gas compression machine with a working volume for rotary motion. The compression of gas depends on the change in volume, and the change in volume is achieved by a pair of rotors of the compressor rotating in the casing.. Technical Parameters Power7.5 KW/10 HP CustomizedSingle-phase 220V/50Hz or 60Hz Air flow Working Pressure0.8Mpa/8bar 1.10m3/min 1.0Mpa/10bar 0.90m3/min 1.2Mpa/12bar 0.80m3/min 1.6Mpa/12bar 0.67m3/min Outlet sizeG1/2 " Driven modeDirect driven/Belt driven Noise dB(A)58 Dimension(mm)880*600*840 Note: the form of parameters for reference only, in kind prevail Principle Features (1)The cylinder and piston of this oil-free air compressor is using N-CRM material and this material possess nano-technology feature. (2)They are wearable and can bear high temperature,and has well lubrication feature by itself with noiselower than 70dB. (3) This air compressor is quite suitable to all the quiet places which air compressor is needed (4)This machine is using auto-drain construction,which can make the output air more dry.Supporting Machine website:http://www.promixerpm.com/supporting-machine/



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