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 Our Factory SUN RUN HARDWARE CO LTD 锛坥ld name RUN SUN HARDWARE CO LTD锛塻et up on 1982 years at Hebei Province. SUN RUN focus on produce high quality bike accessories more than 20 years. from 1982 years, we are only a family workroom. we produce small hardware parts, 2004 years set up factory to produce bicycle parts until now. sun run products 100% been exported. As lots of customer require to buy more bike accessories from us. And then gradually, my factory begin produce bike bag, bicycle handle bar, metal or rattan bicycle basket, bike wheel decorations, bike bottle cage, bike seat cover, outdoor picnic pad, bike rain cover, outdoor covers, more and more items around bike edge. We own hardware factory, backpack sewing factory and hand weave work room. We accept OEM item, every year, we help customer development lots of new design. SUN RUN believe good communication can solve everything, so tell us your idea, let SUN RUN make it to goods. After 38 years of development, SUN RUN factory with excellent product performance and quality service to win trust of customers. SUN RUN bike accessory are not only bike spare parts, but also a new kind of gifts. Believe with your great idea and package, these items can be sold as lots gifts, holiday gifts, birthday party gifts, souvenir gifts, kids toy gifts for adult, kids friend.. Sunrun items been sold lots scene: Supermarket item, chain store item, Tourist Attractions shop, Souvenir shop锛孧useum souvenir item, Sport shop item, outdoor item shop, school shop, Amazon, eBay, bike shop, remain bike shop etc. Sun run goods Refused to rust, Refused bad material, Refused to inferior. Our Product BIKE BELL, BIKE HORN, BIKE BASKET, BIKE ACCESSORIES, outdoor sports accessories Product Application Bike, outdoor sport Our Certificate Production Market Mainly export Germany, Holland, Italy, France, etc Europe market, And America, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia Our Service 12 month guaranteeBicycle Bell website:http://www.sunrunbell.com/


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