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Key Features: Delivery in 7 days! LRQA ISO9001:2015 certified ODM service provider For 11 years focus on cartridge mechanical seals Replacement to John crane 5620, Flowserve isc2 seal for ANSI pump, Goulds 3196 mtx and Durco MARK III • Designed for Goulds 3196 series STX MTX LTX SLT-X . • Popular size 1.375",1.75", 2.5", 2.625" • For Durco Mark II, III, series. • Size 1.375", 1.875", 2.625" • standard bore and taper bore, big bore. • Double Monolithic Stationary Flow • Double Hydraulically Balanced Seal Faces • Reliable Face Drive Mechanism • Maximum Barrier Fluid Flow • Self Aligning Stationary Seal Faces • High Shaft Speed Applications • Square floating pin drive (Large and Ex-large range) • Unique directed barrier fluid, -the unique, patented, bi-directional, integral pumping design delivers high volumes of barrier fluid to the inboard and outboard seal faces. • Lower maintenance cost than Flowserve ISC2PP and John Crane 5620. • Proven higher 50% efficiency than Flowserve ISC2PP pump ring barrier circulation efficiency • Designed for Goulds 3196 series STX MTX LTX XLTX and Durco Mark I, II, III series standard bore, taper bore, big bore. Operating limits • Seal Orientation: Horizontal • Operating Conditions • Temperature: -40 ℃ to + 280 ℃ depends on oring material • Pressure: Vacuum to 25 BAR • Speed: up to 25 m/s • Sealing product: wear acid,alkaline, low percentage of pulp, sugar, water, oil and other similar media. Material Arrangement • Seal faces: SSIC/RBSIC/CARBON/TC • Rubber: FKM/EPDM/AFLAS/FFKM/FEP • Springs: HASTC • Metal: 316SS/DUPLEX/HASTC/904L Pressure Chart Part Listing Itemscartridge seal double manufacturers website:http://www.chinacartridgeseal.com/cartridge-seals/double-cartridge-seal/

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