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Chongqing Haijie Disinfecting Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of disinfection and hygiene products, founded in 2000. The company focuses on the development and promotion of new-model, broad-spectrum, non-toxic side effects, non-irritating, non-polluting, high-efficiency series of personal hygiene products, taking the road of professional development. The company adheres to the "science and technology, the harmonious development of people and nature", and is committed to doing China's first-class personal cleaning and health care experts. At present, the company has developed five series of more than 20 types of disinfection and hygiene products in more than 20 categories. Among them, Yarun brand includes: care solution, personal care wipes, sexual lubricant, mouthwash, condom, antibacterial lotion and spray, etc. Yaqin brand includes: ginseng nourishing lubricant, natural plant extractive wipes, condoms, etc. The Hongxiutianxiang brands include: cleansing wipes, high-efficiency sexual lubricants and high-quality condoms and so on. The above products are all prepared with natural plant extracts, advanced surfactants and additives. The effects are unique. The ingredients contain broad-spectrum antibacterial effects against pathogenic microorganisms with strong penetrability, nonstimulation and safety. At the same time, it also has a combination of decontamination, cleansing, removing body odor, moisturizing and moisturizing, conditioning soft hair, and itching, making the skin soft, smooth and comfortable. The product is easy to carry and easy to use.And it is the best hygiene product for home and outdoor travel. The products are very popular among consumers. The company has more than 10 invention patents and new utility patents, a laboratory with modern testing and experimental equipment, a 6000 square meter of 100,000-level clean factory, strong R&D and production capacity, and a team of experts and scholars. The company's management and sales team are composed of highly qualified personnel. The company has modern testing methods and rigorous and complete quality assurance system to ensure the excellent performance and excellent quality of the products, so that the company can continue to develop and improve in the fierce market competition. With its excellent function and stable and reliable quality, the company has devoted itself to the public welfare activities of AIDS and STD prevention in various circles in the domestic society with strong sense of social responsibility. It has maintained close cooperation with relevant government agencies, industry organizations and volunteer associations for many years. It has also won the support of international non-profit organizations and a number of global public welfare foundations to jointly reduce the harm of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases to the whole society and the human body. The company's products have been selected as the winning products by the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the China Global Fund AIDS Program and the China Merck AIDS Cooperation Project. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and won the title of Chongqing High-tech Enterprise and High-growth Enterprise (Niu Ling Enterprise) in 2016 and 2017 respectively; in 2018, it has successfully listed in OTC in Chongqing. After years of development, the industry has a considerable market scale. With the innovation of product design and product function, the industry still has huge space for expansion and will generate new vitality. The sex industry is expected to become another heavyweight vertical segment after the medical e-commerce. In recent years, the company has maintained a stable development trend. On the one hand, it has worked hard on new product to develop green hygiene products. On the other hand, it has strengthened the sales team and promoted B to C marketing on the basis of maintaining traditional offline sales modes. And in the Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, and Pinduoduo platforms, the company established self-operated stores, then started online sales to expand the market share. Production Market America: 40% Thailand: 30% Germany: 10% Saudi Arabia: 10% Other: 10% Our Service One to one warm professional service Actively follow up orders鈥檚 production Responsive transportation arrangement Timely logistics follow-up and notification Actively after sales to ensure product qualityChina Man Anus Antibacterial Wash Liquid website:http://www.cqhjyarun.com/ website2:http://www.cqhjyr.com/


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