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Description Why aluminum decorative sheet is more and more welcomed in construction and building decoration? Because they are really most suitable, they are beautiful and cost effective, and they almost don鈥檛 have the quality problem, YES, aluminum sheets in decorations quality is very stable, comparing with other decorations material, like as stone, wooden, or marble, aluminum sheets is more confidence in problem rate. So, in the future, decorative aluminum sheets will share more markets when more people realize its excellent quality. With different decoration scenes, the size, design, color can be Optional custom, without extra cost. Features It鈥檚 a light material, high strength, good resistance in high temperature and high pressure, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, moisture proof, good stability to the chemical substance. Beautiful shape, elegant color, strong and good decorative effect, assembly is also very simple. To make the assemble convenient, you can choose add the four sides or two sides frame to the sheets, or, you can also consider to do the bending edge, or using screw to do assemble in specific circumstance. All these work can be done in our factory before the delivery. In a word, cooperate with aluminum sheet factory, you can design it according to your conception to get the best decoration effect. attached one video of new design about the aluminum decorative sheet in our factory, Foshan zhaoxing aluminum industry limited some photos of the decorative sheets from our company, all of them are made with aluminum sheets or aluminum alloy sheets. Why choose us? if you have designs need to custom with aluminum sheets, contact us please.Decorative Aluminum Panels factory website:http://www.cnzx-aluminum.com/decorative-aluminum-panels/


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