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 FUEL Filter OE: 23300-75140/23300-31160 Fitting Position: Fuel Line Outer diameter 2: 50 mm Filter type: In-Line Filter Outlet: 8 mm Height 1: 69 mm Inlet: 8 mm Outer diameter 1: 64 mm Toyota Land cruiser - prado SUV (J15_) [2009-] ETK original data 23300-31160 FILTER ASSY, arg 23300-75140 FILTER, arg (FOR EFI) 鈼?Fitting Position: Fuel Line 鈼?nbsp;Outer diameter 2: 50 mm 鈼?nbsp;Filter type: In-Line Filter 鈼?nbsp;Outlet: 8 mm 鈼?nbsp;Height 1: 69 mm 鈼?nbsp;Inlet: 8 mm 鈼?nbsp;Outer diameter 1: 64 mm Function of gasoline filter and replacement cycle. A: the function of gasoline filter is to filter out harmful particles and water in the engine fuel gas system to protect the oil pump nozzle, cylinder liner, piston ring, etc. Reduce wear and tear and avoid clogging. Fuel filter installation requirements are higher, should be installed by professional maintenance personnel. A good fuel filter gives the engine performance to achieve optimization, but also to provide the best protection for the engine. Generally, 15,000 km is replaced once.Fuel Filter Free Sample website:http://www.mingyuan-filter.com/fuel-filter/

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