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Introduction Protective glasses are mainly used to protect the eyes from sand and gravel debris or irritating or corrosive solutions. Product Features The frame is wide enough to cover the user's eyes. The frame should be strong in structure and resistant to impact. There are edging around the frame, and there should be ventilation holes on it. The frame is covered to prevent splashing of the solution. Product details Precautions 1. The width and size should be suitable for the face shape; 2. Roughly worn lenses and damaged frames should be replaced in time; 3. It should be used by someone to prevent infectious eye diseases; 4. Pay attention to prevent heavy falls and pressure, and prevent hard objects from rubbing the lens and mask. Company information Xiamen Zhida Sustainable Materials Co., Ltd.established in 2006, is well established as a leading supplier of plastic products manufacturer with a comprehensive product portfolio including face shield/ goggle/ mask. Zhida is one of the biggest professional plastic manufacturer in China. Zhida have advanced imported exrution machines, thermoforming package machines, UV printing machines, 10000 clean workshop and Aseptic automatic packaging line to ensure that the whole process is automatic and hands free. Our products have passed ROHS, ISO9001, FDA, CE Quality Management System certification. We have our own professional production process, We have our own professional QC department to control the product quality, high quality with competitive prices, increase your market competitiveness. Our services Since 2006, we have been adhering to the development vision of customer first and win-win for customers. The company is committed to building a leading enterprise in the plastic product industry. At present, the company has a number of plastic foam molding, cutting and bag making production lines, providing customers with one-stop plastic packaging services, including: 1. Participate in customer packaging design Professional technology and rich production process, combined with the packaging requirements of customer engineers, to provide customers with the most appropriate materials, the best packaging program. Reduce packaging cost for customers from the root. 2. Free samples in early stage According to the packaging requirements of customers, and according to the packaging size of customers' products, provide customers with a variety of manual samples for testing until the appropriate packaging is selected. 3. Production management According to the number of customer orders to produce on demand, to save storage costs for customers, reduce the risk of inventory backlog. 4. After sales technical support and improvement Perfect after-sales service, provide technical support and timely packaging improvement for any packaging problems during the transportation and use of customers' products.Goggles manufacturers website:http://www.directfoodpack.com/goggles/

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