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Sunlight readable 10.1 inch TFT with resolution 1024x600, 16:9 landscape display. Main features and optional with, - Different brightness from 250 Nits to 1000 Nits - Diverse resolution,1280x800,800x1280,1200x1920 available - 4 wire resistive touch panel & capacitive touch screen available - Custom size touch screen available - Assemble service of LCD with touch available - For outdoor super bright application - Different thickness 2.8mm,3.5mm,5.5mm available - O-FILM gray inversion is available 1) TFT LCD DISPLAY DRAWING 2) BASIC INFORMATION Product size10.1inch LCD Key parameter1000 cd/m2 high brightness Dot arrangement1024x600 Module Size235(W)脳143(H)脳4.6(T)mm Active area 222.72(W)脳125.28(H) mm Interface LVDS interface Display modeTN Normally White 3) OPTICAL PARAMETERS ItemSymbolMin.Typ.Max.Unit Luminance for LCDYL8001000--Nits Contrast 600 Viewing angleUp6070--Deg. down4050--Deg. Left 7070--Deg. Right 6070--Deg. Optima view direction12 o鈥檆lock Working temp. -2070 Deg. Storage temp. -3080 Deg. 4) ELECTRICAL ABSOLUTE RATING ItemSymbolMin.Typ.Max.Unit Supply voltageVDD3.03.33.6V VCOM3.13.33.5V AVDD9.49.69.8V VGH171819V VGL-6.6-6.0-5.4V LED currentIL-360-mA LED voltageVL11.212.813.6V Life Time 3000050000 Hr High Brightness TFT LCD Panel manufacturers website:

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