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This type of activated carbon mainly involves the scope of catalytic carrier activated carbon, alkali-loaded activated carbon, a variety of carrier activated carbon. The basic carbon iodine value distribution range, the basic range of CTC% of basic carbon is CTC40% -CTC80%, the level of the load index mainly depends on the basic index of activated carbon, generally high water soluble and low ash based activated carbon is often used as a carrier. Index parameter (Test Standard GB / 2008) Product typeContentBasic charcoalCraftsmanship Load KOH5%CTC40,CTC50,CTC60Dipping method 7%-9%CTC40,CTC50,CTC60Dipping method Load NaOH5%CTC40,CTC50,CTC60Dipping method 7%-9%CTC40,CTC50,CTC60Dipping method Load CuO 10%CTC40,CTC50,CTC60Dipping method 5%CTC40,CTC50,CTC60Dipping method Load K2CO310%CTC40,CTC50,CTC60Dipping method Multiple oxide loading3%CTC40,CTC50,CTC60Front-end loading / back-end loading Multiple oxide loading5%CTC40,CTC50,CTC60Front-end loading / back-end loading Company advantage 01: The company is an activated carbon production company located in Chonggang Industrial Park, Ningxia, near the source of activated carbon raw materials. 02: There are many domestic and foreign end customers, who can well grasp the actual needs of customers in different industries. 03: The company has professional production, testing, sales, and after-sales teams, capable of solving all customer problems. 04: It has 12 carbonization lines, 7 activation furnaces and other basic production facilities, and its production scale is at the forefront of the same industry. 05: The factory is 2 kilometers away from Shiyin Expressway, and the transportation is convenient. 06: The company is a production-oriented enterprise with multiple operations, involving industry coal mines, coal washing plants, briquette plants, carbon plants, activated carbon. Package 1: 25 kg packaging 2: 500 kg packaging 3: Can be customized according to customer needsPellets Activated Carbon suppliers website:http://www.jbxcarbon.com/coal-based-activated-carbon/pellets-activated-carbon/


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