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Product name: Glutathione (GSSG) Specification: 99% CAS No: 27025-41-8 Molecular Formula: C20H32N6O12S2 Molecular Weight: 612.63 Molecular Structure: Test Methold: HPLC Shelf Life: 2 Years Appearance: White powder Grade:Food Grade/Pharmaceutical Grade Storage: Cool and dry place Function Glutathione, a water-phase antioxidant, is an essential cofactor for antioxidant enzymes and is a central constituent of this system. As a feed additive Glutathione has been demonstrated to improve growth performance and immune capability in land animals and fish. Specifically, in aquatic organisms, high ammonia in water leads to the accumulation of this component in the tissues, and also triggers the promotion of oxidative stress and seriously impairs organism health. Made up of two molecules of the reduced form L-Glutathione oxidized, also known as GSSG, it has the same antioxidant activity being converted to GSH in the intestine, after dietary intake. Application Daily nutraceuticals & Dietary supplement Anti-aging, antioxidant, maintain skin vigor and luster. Whitening skin: restraining the melanin Improve immunity: enhance immune cells function effectively prevent viruses. Drug treatment and prevention Protect liver: prevention & treatment of liver diseases. Detoxification: drugs and other kinds of poisoning auxiliary treatments,helpful for excreting toxins. Prevention and treatment of eye diseases.Auxiliary treatment of diabetes. Glutathione Test Reports



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