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Titanium Reducing Outlet Tees Crosses Titanium Reducing tee is another type of pipe tee used in pipe and tube fittings. Titanium Pipe Tees are available two popular forms: 1. Have all outlets of the same size. 2. They can be reducing tees in which they are with a combination of different outlet sizes. Titanium Reducing tee and Reducing Crosses, like all Titanium pipe tees, is in the shape of T with two ends of equal size and the third one slightly smaller. In other words, Titanium reducing tee is a type of Titanium pipe fitting in which the branch port size is smaller than the ports of the run. This type of pipe fitting can also consider size reduction from one of the run ports to the other. Reducing Tees & Crosses Available Sizes 鈥?1/2鈥?鈥?48"/DN15 鈥?DN1200 鈥?3/8鈥?鈥?6鈥?DN10 鈥?DN1150 (Reducing Run) Application Some popular applications of reducing tee are in the field of: Food and Beverage Semiconductor Life Sciences Shipbuilding Chemical Processing Cooling and Refrigeration Water Treatment etc. Reducing Outlet Tees & Crosses Material 鈥?Titanium - Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.7, Gr.12 etc 鈥?Nickel - Ni200, Ni201 鈥?Zirconium - Zr702 Titanium Tees And Crosses manufacturers website:


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