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Product introduction Specializing in the production of industrial-grade circular saw blades for aluminum alloy cutting, special saw blades for aluminum cutting, cemented carbide saw blades, aluminum milling and slotting saw blades, this saw blade can also be used for processing copper. Features High-precision saw blade for aluminum cutting, with less burrs on the cut surface, small tolerance, low noise and long service life. After the saw blade tooth tip becomes dull or lost, new grinding saw teeth and filling teeth can be produced, which can be used repeatedly for many times. Saw blade material: The number of teeth of the saw blade is different, and the base is hard alloy. Saw blade tooth shape: trapezoidal tooth Applicable materials: aluminum alloy profiles, pipes, rods; copper, etc. Applicable machinery: various sliding table saws, aluminum cutting machines, rocker saws and other special machinery. The blades of the saw blade are arranged scientifically, which makes the blade life longer and the cutting process more stable. Saw blades with a slope of 0 掳: dedicated to cutting steel. Saw blade with 7 掳 inclination: special for cutting soft materials (such as aluminum). Specially designed hypocycloid protruding teeth: used for cutting various steels, stainless steel and aluminum. (All the saw teeth share the cutting load, which maximizes the life of the blade and the power of each blade.) The cutting speed of the blade is faster. There is almost no friction resistance when cutting steel, iron and stainless steel.Circular Saw Blade price website:http://www.singo-china.com/metal-cutting/circular-saw-blade/


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