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Chemical Name: Polyethylene glycol Synonyms: Poly (ethylene glycol)锛汸EG CAS No.: 25322-68-3 Specification TypeAppearance (25鈩?Colour (Pt-Co)Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g)Molecular WeightpH PEG 20000White Flake or powder 鈮?05-6.5 18000-22000 5.0~7.0 Applications 1. PEG-20000 can be used as medical adhesive, ointment and shampoo base material. 2. used for fiber processing, pottery, metal processing, rubber molding lubricants, binders and active agents, also used for water-soluble coatings, printing inks, etc. 3. Used as wetting agent in electroplating industry. 4. It can also react with fatty acids to prepare other surfactants with different properties. Package and Storage Package: 25Kg /kraft bag (Net weight). Shell Life: two yearsPolyethylene Glycol Powder manufacturers website:http://www.fy-ppg.com/polyethylene-glycol-powder/


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