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WeiQing capacitor manufacturer in 1983 originated in China Taiwan Taipei, our professional R & D are mainly on production of thin-film capacitor and electrolytic capacitor,by studing the German and Japanese enterprises to learn and learning their advanced technology and production methods. Now we concentrate on capacitors R & D, design and production, all products only sales abroad through foreign sales agents. As the mainland's market has opened to the outside world, from 1993, Wei Qing gradually moved the advanced production technology, automation equipment and testing instruments to Dongguan China. In order to better meet the needs of the world electronic products production base in the Pearl River Delta market, and make close coordination to achieve the development and production. In2005, the entire R & D team of Wei Qing has been moved to the mainland in Dongguan from Taiwan . Subsequently the factory has been stablished in the production of X2 capacitor, an factory metal film capacitors, SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors in line. All the factory passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, all products are in line with the EU ROHS environmental protection standard, REACH151 six. Wei Qing capacitor's products are widely used in various fields of communication, household appliances, power supply, green lighting, computer, automotive and industrial control etc.. The company has a lot of full automation equipment for a substantial increasing in production capacity, so that the quality of the consistency of the product achieves the effective guarantee, in which the factory staff development projects accounted for 6%, quality assurance personnel account for to 10%, equipped with adequate product development capability and quality assurance capabilities. At present the annual productivity of film capacitor eight hundred million electrolytic capacitor and three hundred million stars. WeiQing X2 series safety productsHas been China(CQC)、U.S.A(UL)、Canada(CSA)、Germany(VDE)、The European Community(ENEC10)、Korea(KTL)The National Certification Commission and international electronic motorCBAuthentication,And all the products upgrade version of IEC60384-14, the minimum capacity of 0.001 F maximum 3.3 F, the voltage at the highest level of 310VAC, temperature of 110 degrees, the testing period of 56 days, B grade level requirements. Before 2010, Wei Qing depend entirely on the agent to sell to the needs of manufacturers in sales, but with the pace of the development of the times more and more quickly, the direct demand client set higher standards and requirements for us, hope our service personnel and R & D personnel can cooperate closely with the client to achieve the development of R & D team, higher efficiency, faster overall, the cost more reasonable. Since 2010, Dongguan Wei Qing Electronics Co., Ltd. has set up in Dongguan, Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, Chengdu, Zhejiang and domestic sales team, set up offices in Hongkong and Malaysia. WeiQing will uphold the idea of the best capacitance world, according to the highest quality, delivery accurate as the standard, for all types of machine customers such as green lighting, communication, household appliances, industrial control, automotive electronics, green energy capacitor that provides "one-stop" solution, with more fully a broader way services at home and abroad customers, let our customers get the most satisfactory service!MLCC Chip Resistor in stock website:

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