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Pure electric buses mostly use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are safer than ternary batteries.100KWH(537.6V 187AH), 162.6KWH(537.6V 302.5AH). Product Details: Developed suitable for the electric bus universal teu, meet the IP68 protection level, according to the vehicle needs different power, teu combination. The system has active balancing function, accurate SOC,SOH monitoring, and cooling system. 100KWH(537.6V 187AH), 162.6KWH(537.6V 302.5AH). BUS Battery BUS Battery for Buses Description: 1. Battery cell materia safety: lithium iron phosphate materials generate low reaction heat without oxygen release. 2. Ultra-safe electrolyte: The system's DOE experiment is applied with a high matching power battery electrolyte mechanism to acquire both electrochemical performance and safety characteristics. 3. High temperature resistant disphragm: Imported high mechanical strength base film + independently developed uniform PL technology. 4. Highly Integrated: Customized development, integrated circuit board for easy maintenance. 5. Multiple Security: Creepage protection, lightning protection, short circuit protection. Over current and overloard protection, overvoltage and under voltage protection. Application: It is widely used in the pure bus銆乭ybrid bus. Products and Quality Control: WOO-POWER LiFePO4 battery certifications of ISO9000, ISO14000, MSDS, CE, CB, UL, UN38.3, etc. Specification: Endurance mileage>200km Ekg


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