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The interactive amusement equipment in the candy shop in the traffic Town, which is placed in the indoor traffic town to play interactive games with children, is more attractive to children, and increases the interaction of children and the heart of play, bringing incomparable joy. Bring people flow to shopping malls and supermarkets. The elements of candy shops, ice cream and candy are used, and the color of pink candy is used. The appearance of a candy store attracts children. It's also very interesting with interactive devices FRP sculpture has been widely used in sculpture industry due to its advantages of flexible molding, short production and development cycle, good processability, wear resistance and long service life, especially the production process of FRP handicraft sculpture based on hand paste molding technology develops more rapidly. Sculpture paste molding is also known as hand paste molding or contact molding. It is to apply a layer of glue on the mold, and then lay a cloth to impregnate the fiber with the glue solution and remove the bubbles, and then continue to mount layer by layer until the laying is finished, and the finished product is obtained after curing. Sculpture is an ancient art form, is the art of space and time, is the use of all the material as a carrier of nature, through the author's subjective feelings, with different materials, forms and processing techniques to shape the entity of art forms, to express human feelings with a deep sense of plastic arts, and eventually with the surrounding environment, culture into an organic whole. Like other art forms, sculpture art has the characteristics of spirituality and cross nationality.China Amusement Equipment manufacturers website:

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