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Lions security seal ltd (LSS) is China one of the earliest security seal manufacturer and supplier. LSS has 1700 square meters workshop and equipped with Japan and Taiwan 15T / 10T molding injection machines to keep capacity and quality. LSS passed ISO 9001:2008 in 2010 and seals certificated with ISO 17712 standard & C-TPAT. Now LSS products is covering most seal models of market and more, like bolt seal, cable seal, plastic seal, metal strap seal, cable ties, cattle ear tag,etc. The products are exported to all world countries like USA, Germany, Netherlands, Colombia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea, Singapore,etc. LSS has own export qualification so it is easy to export to you. At the same time LSS is designing and produced out RFID seals for nation custom and new logistics companies. LSS slogan“Honesty, Quality and Reputation”China Fixed Length Self Locking Cable Seal website:http://www.lionssecurityseals.com/ website2:http://www.lionssecurityseal.com/

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