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High Speed Automatic Quality Inspection Rewinder Model: DLFJY-1250 Features: Mainly suitable for the inspection of film after printing; the product is made of an imported & advanced printing quality inspection system. This system is mainly to inspect the flaws of film, paper, aluminum foil and other rolling materials. And save the flaw position by alarming, labeling, printing, computer recording, etc, in this case to remind the operator of the flaws. This system is to make 100% detection for the rolling materials without any omission. Due to the fact that it uses a high precision 3CCD linear array sensor and the uptodate Digital Picture Processing Technique, in order to make sure all flaws are checked out, it keeps on the same speed on the inspection and production, which makes no influence for the production. Tension is driven by 3 servo motors and controlled by PLC (made by Mitsubishi, Japan) for stable tension of any random rollover. It is also equipped with a cutting platform to cut off the unqualified parts. If unwinding is less than 桅150mm, it will automatically alarm, and the machine will stop on the position of the detected flaw according to the computer records, and cut off the defects. The rewinding is in good condition which saves the cost and provide a good condition for the next process. Technical Parameters: Max. Material Width :1200 mm Max. Inspection Width :1050mm Max. Rewinding Diameter :桅 600mm Max. Unwinding Diameter :桅 800mm Inspection Speed :150-300m (3 seconds return to standby mode) Deviation Value :鈮?卤 0.3 mm Machine Power :14KW Machine Size :2200x2000x1800mm Suitable Material : - Suitable for those BOPP, PE, PET, PVC and other films and paper.China Inspection Rewinder factory website:http://www.deluxmachine.com/inspection-rewinder/

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