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Description of the Product 1.Hospital steel reception chair 2.Lowest order / reference FOB 3.5 pieces / price $ 81 / piece Get Latest Price 4.Port: Guangdong, China 5.Production capacity: weekly / unit if in stock 6.Payment methods:by T/T. 30% of the total value as deposit , the balance should be paid off before loading 7.Scope of application: The airport, bank lobby, high-speed rail station, bus station, high-speed rail station, high-end hospitals and public indoor waiting areas, reception areas and lobby areas are used as temporary resting places. A variety of styles to meet the needs of customers in different regions. Product introduction The armrest foot is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is integrally die-casted by a mold. The surface is electrostatically powder-coated. The sole of the foot is equipped with a rubber non-slip mute foot pad. Rugged, rust and corrosion resistant The design, shape and installation method of the seat are in line with the international universal requirements. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also comfortable in sitting, while taking into account the ease of installation, maintenance and management. The seat has a comfortable sitting feeling, superior mechanical properties, high strength, impact resistance, safety, good weather resistance, stable chemical properties, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, water resistance, stable color, and the seat surface does not deform for a long time.This public chair can choose from 1-5 seats, and can be added with leather pads, which are available in many colors. Product parameters ModelS6013pu Size锛坙ength * depth * height锛?/p>1750* 680 * 780mm (3 seats) Metal coloroptional Stylemodern simplicity General usecommercial furniture Options for PU Cushion Production Capacity Extraordinary style Make the simple style and realize the most complete functions with the best materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Concise, bright lines, and the contrast between the real and the false constitute the right combination. Excellent quality Small body, big function, give play to its due essence, maximize function with minimum resources. Production Photos The style is very unique and bold to use new technologies and materials. Delivery For more information, you can view all of our airport furniture and lounge seating here. We are happy to provide you with further assistance. We not only use high quality export grade materials and boxes to ensure maximum protection of your cargo during transport, making you feel satisfied and comfortable at the time of receipt. Your satisfaction is the goal and direction we are constantly pursuing.锛堟斁涓€浜涗骇鍝佸寘瑁呭浘/鍞悗鏂囧瓧涓€鏍凤級China Steel Reception Chairs manufacturers website:http://www.airportchairsyjh.com/reception-chairs/steel-reception-chairs/

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