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Item No.: SilibaseCP-1246 Photo Reference: Overview of Characteristics: SilibaseCP-1246 Wetting Agent for Coating is one special modified polyether siloxane used as water-borne coating and hydrolysis-resistant organosilicon wetting agent. Technical Indicators: 鈼?Appearance: Light yellow liquid 鈼?Viscosity (25鈩?: 50-200 CST 鈼?Active substance content: 100% 鈼?Surface tension (0.1%): 22.0 MN/m Product Characteristics: 鈼?It has good hydrolysis stability and can assist defoaming. These additives have long-term stability in the paint system of pH 4-10. 鈼?Silicone surfactant is used in water-borne system. It can reduce the surface tension strongly and has excellent wettability and leveling of substrates. Suggested Dosage: 0.2-1.0% Packaging of SilibaseCP-1246 Wetting Agent: 25kgs/plastic drum, 200kgs/iron drum Validity of SilibaseCP-1246 Wetting Agent: 2 years in closed containers. Dangerous Goods Marking: Not Dangerous Goods SILIBASE SILICONE is a professional manufacturer producing and selling: Silicone Additives for Coating, Paint and Ink Agricultural Silicone Surfactant Leather Silicone Auxiliaries Silicone Release Agent Silicone Release Coating Silicone Resin Silicone Stabilizer Silicone Defoamer Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid Silicone Ingredient for Cosmetics Silicone Softener Auxiliaries for TextilesSilicone Additives for Coating website:http://www.silibasesilicone.com/silicone-additives/

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