1. Product Introduction锛?/strong> Our LG series currently has three members, LG01, LG02 and LG03, all of which are Cartridges specially designed for CBD users. The first thing our engineers think about when designing is the anti-leakage function. To this end, we have adopted silicone isolation technology to isolate the oil from the heating element, so that the user can guarantee 100% of Cartridge's integrity before use. We have enough confidence in the taste and the amount of vapor, because customers who test our products all thought highly of it, which brought us more confidence. 2. Product Parameter锛?/strong> Brand NameOVNSOVNSOVNS Product NameLG01 CartridgeLG02 CartridgeLG03 Cartridge Product Dimension54.5mm*10.5mm59mm*10.5mm37.6mm*10.5mm Cartridge Capacity1.0ml1.0ml0.5ml Coil Resistance1.2ohm1.2ohm1.2ohm Heating ElementCeramicCeramicCeramic Filling TypeRefillableDisposableRefillable Oil Intake HoleTube4x2.0mm,Coil4x1.8mmTube4x2.5mm,Coil4x2.0mm4x1.8mm Thread510510510 MaterialCeramics,Environmental Copper,PCTGCeramics,PCTGCeramics,PCTG 3. Product Feature锛?/strong> 1. CBD Type Glass Cartridges 2. Isolation Silicone Structure Avoids Leaking; 3. Heavy Metal Standards Approved 4. Ceramic Heating Makes Nice Taste 5. Widely Use 510 Thread for Battery 6. Different Oil Inlet Holes to Meet User DemandsChina CBD Cartridges website:http://www.e-cigarettevape.com/510-thread/cbd-cartridges/