1. This series distribution box can be connected to two optical cables with a diameter of 10-15mm as well as 8 figure soft cable with a diameter of 3mm. 2. MAX capacity is 24F. 3. Adapters/ splitters: 24 pcs of FC or SC adapters, and module type splitter 2*1:8. GXF6-15N27A could be equipped with splitter, GXF6-15N27B could be equipped with module type splitter. 4. The installation method of this series is applicable for outdoor wall-mounting. 5. FTTH product. Made of SMC, with good anti-uv performance. 6. ‘ Spring lock’ make box easy to be open and close.wholesale Optic Splitter Distribution Box website:http://www.chaoqian.net/optic-splitter-distribution-box/