1.Product Introduction of the replacement PALL filter 1.Working medium:General hydraulic oil, phosphate ester hydraulic oil, emulsion, water-glycol. 2.Material:Glass fiber filter paper-BN / Stainless steel web-w/Wood pulp filter paper-P/Stainless steel sintering nets-V 3.Filtration Rating:3-200um 4.Pressure:30-210bar 5.Working temperature:-30°C-+110°C 6.Sealing material:Vition, NBR 7.Working Life :8-12month 2.The picture of the replacement PALL filter 3.OEM Replacement Filters All manufacturers' descriptions, names and part numbers are for reference only. All trade names referenced are the trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. AYATER does not claim to produce other manufacturer's filter and/or strainer elements. Our skilled production staff and flexible capacity allows us to efficiently produce both short and long production runs as well as meet demanding delivery times. 4.Part number of the replacement PALL filter HC8304FKN16H HC8310FKP16Z HC8400FKN26H HC8400FDP26H HC8304FKS16H HC8310FKN16Z HC8400FKS26H HC8400FDN26H HC8304FKT16H HC8310FKS16Z HC8400FKT26H HC8400FDS26H HC8304FKZ20H HC8310FKT16Z HC8400FKZ39H HC8400FDT26H HC8304FKP20H HC8310FKP39Z HC8400FKP39H HC8400FDP39H 5.Product Testing of the replacement PALL filter 6.Deliver and Shipping of the replacement PALL filter 7.Cooperative customers of the replacement PALL filter Customized Pleated Filter Cartridge website:http://www.ayaterfiltration.com/liquid-filter/pleated-filter-cartridge/