We supply 48V30Ah golf cart battery pack We are committed to the new energy sector and our products are exported to Europe and the Americas. We look forward to be your long-term team partner The scope of products: Golf cart, low speed car, electric car, logistics car, etc. Product parameters: Brand:B-YingPower Model:BY-G1 Voltage/Capacity:48V30Ah Cell:3.6V 2500mAh 18650 3C lithium battery Size:320*280*100mm Maximum continuous charging current:10A Maximum continuous discharge current:100A Internal resistance:200m惟 Weight:15kg Charge time:Around3 hours Operating temperature:0-45 degrees Celsius Cycle life:After 500cycles锛?the capacity lower 20% Lithium ion battery protection:short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, etc. FAQ: 1. Q: Is there a spot? A: Usually, lithium batteries are customized products. Different customer requirements are different. Even voltage and capacity are the same. Other parameters may be different. Once the order is confirmed, we can complete the sample very quickly. 2. Q: What parameters do I need to customize the lithium battery? A: It is necessary to provide the working voltage range, operating current, peak current, battery size, battery capacity, charging current, etc. of the product. 3. Q: How long is the delivery time for bulk orders? A: Usually 10-15 days, which is subject to actual conditions. 4. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? A: We are manufacturers and sincerely welcome you to visit our factory!China Golf Cart Battery manufacturers website:http://www.b-yingbattery.com/low-speed-e-vehicle-battery/golf-cart-battery/