Zhejiang Dongqiao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Huzhen, Zhejiang Province,our company concept is that improving efficiency for every people. The company's "sujineng", "kamaz", "donqiao", "falanke" "products are sold at home and abroad. The company mainly produces electric pruning shears and garden tools, 95% of which are self-made parts, with several CNC machining centers and CNC lathes, and multiple production lines. The knives and shears we produce are made of special hardened steel from Japan and Germany, which are hard and wear-resistant and extremely sharp. The main markets for major products are domestic and foreign developed countries, andwe participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions several times ayear. Vineyard Electric Prunig Shears manufacturers website:http://www.dqelectricpruner.com/ website2:http://www.sujinengpruner.com/