Whats the advantage of LIMING BRAND Fire proof Metal rolling shutter door roll forming machine? Fireproof rolling shutter door is a kind of fireproof and heat insulation facility suitable for large openings of buildings. The product plays a certain role in the design and installation of technology. Fireproof rolling shutter doors are widely used in the fireproof partitions of industrial and civil buildings, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire and protect the safety of life and property. It is an indispensable fireproof facility in modern buildings. LIMING BRAND fire proof rolling shutter door roll forming machine has automatic unwinding, leveling, roll forming and track cutting and other flow production functions, which perfectly realize the combination of roll forming and cutting. One operator can run the entire production line. High product accuracy and good quality. Application Range & Scene Provide Installation Method & Customized Profile For Free Professional Inspection Process Customers鈥?Application Projects Inspection/Package/Delivery Customer FeedbackShutter Door Roll Forming Machine manufacturers website:http://www.horseamachine.com/roller-shutter-door-roll-forming-machine/